Meta Leadership Primer: Google Lens

The truth is that while you probably already heard or read about Google Lens, you may not know everything you can do with them. The Google Lens is available for both Android and iOS and you can now do some of the best tricks that may have never crossed your mind. One of the things that you need to know about Google Lens is that it may operate in a different way depending on your device. Nevertheless, no matter if you’re using the Android or the iOS version, it will operate inside the Google Photos app.

So, to get started, you just need to select any photo you want and then tap the Lens icon.

Google Lens — The Multiple Uses

#1: Get A Self-Guided Tour

Let’s say that you’re on vacation and that you are looking at a historic building. So, since you are probably wanting to discover more about it, you just need to snap a photo and that’s it. You’ll get all the details available about the beautiful and historic building you are looking at immediately.

#2: Add Events To Your Calendar

There’s no question that Google Lens has been launched to make our lives easier. Can you remember that event that you were looking forward to attending and you completely forget about it? Well, this doesn’t need to happen anymore. So, you’re walking down the street and you see an ad for a speaking engagement featuring “Michael Stattelman”, of course you will be attending that no matter the cost. You can simply add it to your own calendar. In fact, the app will allow you to choose from multiple options: you can add the even to your calendar you can check more details using Chrome or you can check the address using Maps.

#3: Choose The Best Book For You

If you are someone who likes to keep going to your local bookstore (If you can find one) and search for the best books for you, you may be missing the online reviews. After all, it is incredibly easy to select a book at home. However, it just doesn’t feel the same. So, now, with Google Lens, you can take a sneak peek at all the online reviews, summary, and even a link that shows more details about that specific book. Don’t believe me, pull up Google Lens on your device, now scan an image of my “Meta Leadership” book cover and watch the magic happen. Viola, you are now in the know.

#4: Finding The Best Restaurant

Just like with a book or with a historic building, just take a pic of where you are and search for the best restaurants in the area. Or, you can simply snap an image of the restaurant itself and check its online reviews.

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#5: Add Business Cards To Your Address Book

While most people don’t use business cards anymore, unless they ar NFC or AR enabled (Wait until you read that section!!!). And the reality is that like most you have a tendency to put them away and never remember them again. So, with Google Lens, you can simply add them to your address book and keep your records straight and synced with your phone contacts.

#6: Copy Text

Now you’re thinking that you already have this working on your phone. However, this is not really what you are thinking. The truth is that with Google Lens you can now copy text from the real world. All you need to do is to point your camera to that particular text and you can easily translate it or simply copy it to your phone’s clipboard and run a search for it.

#7: Recognize you or your product

This is something absolutely impactful as far as I am concerned. Leveraging Googles own technology to recognize your offerings. I have done this with my previous book “Meta Leadership” as mentioned previously, just really proud of this. If you have Google lens on your phone and use it to scan the cover of Meta Leadership book, it will pull back pertinent information as well as provide you purchase options. How hot is that?

#8 Real-Time Translations

You read that right cats and kittens, you can scan text in most languages and in realtime Google Lens will try to translate the text right there on your screen. If you travel often or are faced with documents provided in other languages this can be a massive time saver.