Content Weapons Primer: Natural Language Generation

Impact of Natural Language Generation to Businesses of All Sizes

Most businesses nowadays are looking to embrace artificial intelligence and reap the plethora of its subsets that capture, process, or even synthesize data, resulting in content management or automated data analysis.

Despite the success of the integration of Big Data, recent studies show that only 20% of professionals with full access to these tools have the knowledge and expertise to use them. On the contrary, data in the form of graphs or charts appear to be uninteresting and unappealing which often results in poor decision making and misinterpretation. This is where the subset of artificial intelligence like natural language generation can come into play.

Businesses of all sizes needed skilled workforce and monitoring for any semi-smart machines to understand or follow an algorithm. The good news is that artificial intelligence with Natural Language Generation and artificial neural network can make technologies in different sectors functional to address challenges and turn business requirements into a reality.

When streamlined and developed effectively, AI-based technologies can finally comprehend datasets. Not only will this generate valuable insights, but this will also develop relevant solutions. Big companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have been relying on such algorithms. It’s no wonder because it helps them improve product recommendations, voice-enabled mobile solutions, and online search to name a few.

What is the True Potential of Natural Language Generation?

Humans always need data to formulate ideas and communicate them. But the influx of data can be challenging to handle. While they have to reduce the costs, they need to determine effective ways to streamline the process.

Natural Language Generation has been gaining in popularity because of its ability to convert the dataset into easy-to-understand and legible narratives. As the statistical data in spreadsheets process, Natural Language Generation can produce and provide data-rich information.

With NLG, businesses can access, analyze and communicate data with precision and accuracy. Automating routine analysis can surge productivity and efficiency. People can also focus on different activities that result in a high return on investment (ROI) and other excellent benefits.

Some Advantages of NLG You Should Know

Many people believe that the Natural Language Generation solely focuses on the usual perception. But it goes beyond that in reality. NLG can play a vital role in business management and marketing. Here are the other advantages you can enjoy after AI adoption:

Automating Content Creation and Other Related Activities

Natural Language Generation can create an organized structure of data from the information processed by Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Processing. Placing these data in a properly configured template allows NLG to automate the analytics reports, data-centric blog posts, and product description to name a few.

In such cases, algorithmically programmed technology can create content in a format that developers prefer. What businesses only need to do is to market their services to their target audience. Natural Language Generation also fulfills the automation of content generation and data delivery, giving developers and marketers a convenient experience.

Content Generation cycles around web mining and depends on search engine APIs to develop and produce a high content via different references or search results on the internet.

Reducing the Workforce Involved In Many Business Aspects

Incorporating Natural Language Generation into your technology minimizes the necessity to hire and train data-literate individuals. Over the years, people believe that human force is essential in understanding customers’ unique requirements. But things have changed today. With the availability of NLG, your technology is programmed to examine what customers want and expect. It can also identify business insights, prepare error-free summaries, and more.

Predicting Inventory Management

Effective inventory management leads to a maximum boost in overall profits and the attainment of business objectives. Data significantly plays an essential role in the supply chain, sales analytics, and production rate. Based on this data, store managers make decisions and maintain inventory up to the maximum level. But the truth is that managers commit a terrible mistake when interpreting data.

With the integration of high-end NLG, data analysis and reporting process will be more insightful and easier. Instead of going thru bar graphs and charts of information, managers receive precise narratives and correct analysis.

Managing Performance Activity

Conducting training and performance reviews in a call center is imperative. Unfortunately, charts won’t communicate the areas of improvement effectively. Natural Language Generation can relatively make a huge difference. It significantly provides extensive analysis of performance activities and calls records. This helps create a personalized training report, allowing you to determine their progress.

Common Requirements When Utilizing Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation streamlines business processes. It leads to productivity, efficiency, and other successful business opportunities. However, adapting NLG is not as simple as you imagine. Businesses need to meet these requirements for effective integration:

You should have a relevant use case

Before taking advantage of NLG, it’s good to note that not every content creation use case employs NLG. Natural Language Generation is a unique technology developed to provide specific answers. So, it is impossible to produce all the content you find on different blogging websites.

If your story is packed with consistent format and numbers, NLG is the perfect resource you shouldn’t miss. Not only can they automate these tasks, but they can also avoid hassles in the long run. Therefore, this allows you to focus on the core of your business substantially.

Set and develop SMART Goals

AI-designed technologies need time to streamline and automate your business operations. To adapt and incorporate NLG into your system, it does not take overnight. It requires a long time to complete the setup.

NLG can also cause a dent in your savings account, and that’s why it is essential to be realistic with your requirements and artificial intelligence capabilities. When it reduces the downtime and cost in report generation, NLG is the ideal solution to have.

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