Its really not a big news that back in 2016, Facebook decided to launch their own Messenger Platform. With the Messenger Platform, all businesses are now able to build their own custom bots.

The reality is that at that time, the news caught everyone by surprise. No one was really…

Benefits and potential for Natural Language Understanding

Natural language understanding is one of the key areas of natural language processing. Along with the increasing demand for artificial intelligence, natural language understanding has received a lot of attention as well.

What is natural language understanding?

Natural language understanding is the capability…

Leadership has a contract with their employees. There is an unspoken contract that the employees will be placed in a position to succeed at accomplishing the aims of the organization. That starts with “intentional culture design”. Fostering an environment in which the the best ideas have to win, for sustainable…

The artificial intelligence debate has been around for many years. For one reason or the other, artificial intelligence is always returning, and we are in one of those moments. However, this time, the main topic makes perfect sense — bias.

The reality is that no one can question the…

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